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What the experts think

Holding Golf Clubs

“Our ability to learn, unlearn and relearn is one of the biggest differences in forming high-performance cultures. The authors offer us a rich supply of research, tips and techniques to speed and facilitate this process. This book is an invaluable resource.”

Professor Damian Hughes

 Visiting Professor of Organisational Psychology and Change, author & co-host of The High-Performance Podcast

Holding Golf Clubs

“Psychological flexibility is thundering into sport and mental performance coaching because it opens up new and effective ways to think about training, toughness, competition, and life balance. The Flexible Mind leaves no stone unturned in its honest, thorough, and skillful application of the model to that most human of all human behaviors: organized athletic competition. I learned something on almost every page. Highly recommended.”

Professor Steven C. Hayes

Foundation Professor of Psychology, University of Nevada, originator of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Training

Holding Golf Clubs

This is an important book: accessible, practical but with real substance. It distils one of the fastest-growing models of how humans react to their situation and tailors it beautifully to the needs of athletes and their coaches. In a world of individual, gimmicky ideas, its expert authors bring you real science applied to real performance and well-being issues.”

Dr Ray Owen

Consultant Clinical & Health Psychologist, author of Facing the Storm & Living with Enemy

Disabled Athletes in Sports Hall

“The book provides cutting edge, up to date coverage of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training concepts and practical innovations using accessible language, metaphors and illustrations. Evidence supporting the innovations is presented in clear and digestible ways, and skills are provided in each chapter to help athletes excel not only their performance but their wellbeing also. I highly recommend this excellent book.”

Professor Louise McHugh

 Professor of Psychology, University College Dublin, Peer-reviewed ACT trainer

Disabled Athletes in Sports Hall

An essential read for anyone in the field of sports psychology. Whether you work with professional or amateur athletes, you’ll find many practical tools within these pages that you can instantly start using for good results. If you’re keen to improve not only the mental health of athletes, but also their performance under pressure, and their life satisfaction outside the sport, this book is for you!”

Dr Russ Harris

Author of The Happiness Trap & ACT Made Simple

Disabled Athletes in Sports Hall

“The Flexible Mind...a book I wish I had when I was doing my training nearly 20 years ago! A great blend of empiricism and application of ACT with athletes to promote both performance and wellbeing. This book will provide practitioners with the needed guidance as they hone their craft in promoting psychological flexibility.”

Dr Jonah Oliver

National Performance Psychology Lead, Australian Institute of Sport


“This is an essential guide for anyone coaching athletes towards excellence. Grounded in the latest behavioural science and based on a powerful behavioural change model, this ground-breaking, practical, and clearly presented programme will help athletes to develop resilience and achieve peak performance in the high-pressure context of elite sport. I cannot recommend this book enough.”

Dr Mike Sinclair

 Consultant Counselling Psychologist, Clinical Director of City Psychology Group, Co-author of Mindfulness for Busy People, The Little ACT Workbook, The Little Depression Workbook & The Little Anxiety Workbook


“This book provides a comprehensive toolbox of evidence-based insights driving elevated athletic performance. However, the benefits are not limited to athletes. Rather, this exceptional text simultaneously opens the door to enhanced outcomes across a range of personal and professional settings. If you’re looking to take your game to a new level in any key area of life, this is your ticket!”

Dr Bradford Cooper

PhD, CEO of US Corporate Wellness, Co-Founder of Catalyst Health, Wellness & Performance Coaching Podcast 


“If you are interested in improving athletes’ wellbeing and performance then this book is an absolute must buy. It is scientifically solid, intensely practical and at the cutting edge of innovation, providing you with a comprehensive manual with a step-by-step guide for delivering The Flexible Mind approach. This book is a game changer.

Dr Joe Oliver

Founder of Contextual Consulting & author of The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Self-Esteem

Soccer Match

“Using key concepts and practices from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training, The Flexible Mind approach has the power to enhance sporting performance AND optimise wellbeing - it's literally a win-win for elite athletes!  This practitioner's guide will bring the reader up to speed with the approach and help supercharge their practice..”

Dr Mary Welford

author of Compassionate Mind Guide to Building Self-Confidence, Compassion Focused Therapy for Dummies and The Kindness Workbook

Soccer Match

“The Flexible Mind comes at a timely point in the world of high performance. By drawing on the work of reputable practitioners and a rigorous evidence base, this book provides a novel approach to developing and sustaining an optimal balance between performance excellence, mental health and wellbeing. An authoritative resource to usher-in the ‘WExceLLence’ era of high performance.”

Dr Chris Hartley

HCPC Sport & Exercise Psychologist, Lecturer at the University of Stirling, UK 

Soccer Match

“This is a comprehensive resource for both experts and beginners in work with athletes. The writers creatively yet deliberately offer an approach that is user-friendly. They bring to life Acceptance and Commitment Training processes that athletes will embrace. Everyone working with athletes should read this book. If you care about the wellbeing and performance of athletes, then get started on the journey towards ‘WExeLLence’ with The Flexible Mind!!"

Dr Rosco Kasujja

Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology, Makerere University

Womens Softball

"The Flexible Mind is built from evidence-based processes, it is clear in its rationale, and it offers the practitioner a concrete and engaging program to use in their work. Any person wishing to positively impact both the performance and the wellbeing of their athletes should look no further than this book. In fact, I am convinced that acceptance-based interventions in sport are going to grow in stature in the coming years, and I think this book will be at the forefront of that growth."

Dr Nic Hooper

Senior Lecturer of Psychology, and author of The Unbreakable Student

Womens Softball

“The Flexible Mind is a must-read for professionals who care for the mental health of athletes. The authors make a substantial and thought-provoking contribution to how Acceptance and Commitment Approaches can be used to support athletes experiencing challenges with mental health and performance. This book will make an excellent contribution to psychology training to improve the lives of athletes

Dr Gavin Breslin

Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology, Ulster University, and author of Mental Health and Wellbeing Interventions in Sport: Research, Theory and Practice (Routledge 2019); Practitioner Case Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology (Wiley, 2016) and Understanding Sport Psychology (SAGE 2021) 

Womens Softball

“This book provides a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to promoting mental health and athletic performance. It shows how the two are interconnected and inseparable. The book provides a ton of step-by-step, practical interventions. You can return to the book again and again to expand your intervention toolbox. This book is an essential addition to any sporting library"

Professor Joseph Ciarrochi

Professor of Psychology, Australian Catholic University, and author of The Thriving Adolescent and Your Life Your Way


"Some approaches are enlivening and inspirational but aren’t supported by science. Other approaches might be backed up by good evidence but aren’t accessible or usable. The Flexible Mind is a rare gem that inspires the heart and guides the mind using the cutting edge of our science, with a whole lot of soul. I give this book my highest recommendation."

Dr Dennis Tirch

Founding Director of The Center for Compassion Focused Therapy, and author of Experiencing ACT from the Inside Out, and The ACT Practitioner's Guide to the Science of Compassion: Tools for Fostering Psychological Flexibility


“An excellent introduction to The Flexible Mind approach and key reading for those interested in using Mindfulness- and Acceptance-Based approaches in sport. The authors have developed a very accessible and informative book packed with helpful vignettes, practice guides, case examples, and session plans"

Dr Chris Wagstaff

Reader in Applied Psychology at University of Portsmouth and Senior Performance Psychologist and Changing Minds UK


“Flexible Mind provides the reader with solid theory and research on the psychological issues that face athletes. And then, they go one step further and provide a very engaging read, with memorable ways to enliven the work, and it all comes together as a very useful resource. I can see this as being very welcomed by all those who work with athletes. A great handbook to give to coaches. Many aspiring athletes are still very young adolescents and helping them manage their skill along with their mental wellbeing is critical. If you work in this field, I think this is essential.” 

Dr Louise Hayes

Clinical Psychologist, author of The Thriving Adolescent, Your Life Your Way and Get Out Of Your Mind and Into Your Life For Teens.  

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